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LOOKING FOR jewelry?

Create your own gents jewellery wardrobe with our everyday wear accessory designs.

Spice up your outfit with a silver cuff bracelet and a mens' signet ring, or play it safe by choosing a sophisticated braided leather bracelet as your option of the day. 


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Reason of existence


Creating jewelry pieces to accessorize your daily outfit - to make sure you stand out and feel good while you do so - is our main goal. 

We design style pieces for you to wear everyday. Wether you are dressed for business or pleasure; PRINS offers modest and some bold statements. The jewelry items are created in a minimalistic manner, which results in sleek and sophisticated finishes. Perfect for you to make sure you stand out in the crowd.

"Have something they will never have."



Home of the PRINS. Its liberal culture, vibrant city life and rich history are the inspiration for the designs of the brand. The famous canals of Amsterdam were created in 1613, the main inspiration for the silver jewels of PRINS. Amsterdam.